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Welcome to The Pin Junkie blog! This is a fun place where I share easy crafts, do-it-yourself home projects, and simple recipes inspired by Pinterest. I have a passion for all things crafty and DIY and I'm happily creating my way through Pinterest one craft, recipe, and project at a time. My goal is to share my enthusiasm for both Pinterest and DIY as well as to encourage others to create their own projects. My hope is that readers of The Pin Junkie will be inspired to try their own pins, projects, and items on their to-do lists, no matter how big or small those items may be. I'm trying something new everyday and I hope you will be inspired to do the same! Below are some of my very favorite projects inspired by Pinterest:

          Ideas from Pinterest helped me update a bathroom 
from this . . .
to this!

          Pinterest also helped me makeover my laundry room.
from this . . .
to this!

Some of my favorite crafts inspired by Pinteret . . .
washi tape envelopes
teacher appreciation gift pencil vase
how to make paper bluebonnets
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. . . and some of my favorite recipes inspired by Pinterest.
southwest salad with honey lime dressing recipe
southwest chicken salad recipe
crock pot BBQ pulled pork sandwich recipe

caramel apple nachos recipe
strawberry and cream no bake refrigerator cake recipe
healthy chocolate peanut butter cookie recipe
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I'm always learning something new about Pinterest and I like to share!
Pinterest Tips Master List
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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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