Hi, I'm Bonnie!  I'm a wife, mother, and former elementary school teacher.  I also have a passion for pinning!  I'm a Pinterest junkie and I'm completely and happily addicted to Pinterest.

Because of my passion for pinning, I've collected thousands of ideas on my Pinterest boards.  I quickly realized that I didn't want my boards to be a collection of pretty pictures and wishful thinking.  I wanted my boards to be true inspiration boards that inspired action and creativity.  Once I started making things from Pinterest, I wanted to share my creations with everyone and my blog The Pin Junkie was born!  Now I'm working my way through Pinterest one craft, recipe, and DIY project at a time.
Pinterest helped me change a bathroom 
from this . . .

to this!

 bathroom makeover 

and a laundry room from this. . . 

to this! 

Laundry room Makeover
Most of the time, I'm happy with the results of my Pinterest projects.  But occasionally, some projects don't end well, like Greek Inspired Spinach Pie and Slow Cooker Swiss Chicken and I share those projects too.  Most of the recipes I've tried from Pinterest are delicious and our family has found many new favorites.  You can find all The Pin Junkie recipes in the recipe index.

Pinterest Fail - Slow Cooker Swiss Chicken

slow cooker swiss chicken pinterest fail

My favorite projects are the ones that surprise me, such as the pins that don't seem like they will work, but actually do.  Stop by the project gallery where you can explore all The Pin Junkie crafts, DIY projects, and how-to tips all in one place.

These pins really surprised me at how well they worked!

While I'm working on my Pinterest projects, Mr. Pin Junkie and Pin Junkie Jr. are working on their own project.  They're restoring a 1967 Mustang Fastback and you can read about their restoration project here.


If my Pinterest projects involve cooking or power tools, 
I occasionally have help from Pin Junkie Jr. 

Although I write about the recipes, crafts and DIY projects I do that are inspired by Pinterest, The Pin Junkie is about more than all things Pinterest - it's really about trying new things.  My hope is that readers of The Pin Junkie will be inspired to try their own pins, projects, and items on their to-do lists, no matter how big or small those items may be.  I'm trying something new everyday and I hope you will be inspired to do the same!

In the short time I’ve been blogging, I've been surprised and flattered that my projects have been featured on over 180 blogs.  I was also one of ten winners of the Better Homes and Gardens Dream Home Pinterest Contest and received a mention in the The San Fransisco Chronicle.

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