Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Pin Junkie" mean?
junkie is a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something.  Pinterest is my compulsive habit.  I call myself  "The Pin Junkie" because I'm completely addicted to Pinterest.

Why do you write The Pin Junkie?
Because Pinterest alone wasn't enough of a time suck, I decided to start blogging about it too!  Just kidding!  I write this blog because I'm completely addicted to Pinterest and need an outlet to share my obsession.  I also want to share my passion for Pinterest with others.  I love Pinterest because of all the cool stuff I find there.  Finding and pinning all that cool stuff is fun and actually using those cool ideas is even more fun!  I pin with the intent of doing the things I pin.  I don't want my Pinterest boards to be just a collection of pretty pictures and wishful thinking.  I want my boards to be true inspiration boards that inspire me to do something!

How did you get started?
I discovered Pinterest in 2011 and was instantly hooked.  With my passion for pinning, I quickly amassed thousands of pins, but I didn't want my Pinterest boards to represent things I would do "someday."  I decided to get busy and start doing some of the projects I had pinned.  I tried a few craft and recipe pins and I was really happy with the results.  I wanted to share my results, but I knew absolutely nothing about blogging, photography, or social media (I had never even used Facebook!)  I put my first post out into the world with a low quality, grainy picture and I learned as much as I could along the way to improve.  I found that I enjoyed blogging as much as I enjoyed Pinterest.  Both offer me many opportunities to continually learn something new.

Do you only write about crafts and recipes?
Most of the posts on The Pin Junkie are inspired by the crafts and recipes I find on Pinterest, but anything I've pinned and tried is something I write about.  I've tried pins for household cleaning and organizing tips and home DIY projects.  I occasionally write about the books I've read from my Pinterest boards and places I've traveled from my destination boards.  I also write about Pinterest itself because I like to share with others what I've learned about using it. 

Does everything you make turn out the way it's supposed to?
For the most part, I've had really good experiences with the pins I've tried.  Sometimes things go wrong such as my attempt at making:

I try to keep things on The Pin Junkie positive, but also honest.  I think it's important to show all the projects I do, not just the ones that look nice.  I view the projects that aren't successful as learning opportunities for myself as well as for anyone who might be reading.

Aren't you just copying someone else's ideas?
No.  I am inspired by what I see on Pinterest, but my intent is not to specifically recreate or duplicate anything. I don't expect my project to look exactly like the original pin, and I often make changes to make it my own or adjustments to make it work for my needs or tastes.  I use the pins on Pinterest as a starting point and I link back to the pin that inspires each project.

Why don't you include the recipes for many of your food posts?
Most of the recipes I use are from other bloggers.  I don't publish other bloggers' recipes on my blog because I don't want to copy their work, but I always provide links back to the recipe.  If I change or adapt the recipe so that it is significantly different from the original, I include the recipe.

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