The Best (and Worst) of Everything

The Best (and Worst) of Everything
Favorite Pinterest Inspired Projects

This week I'm celebrating my two year blogiversary.  As part of my blogiversary celebration, I'm looking back at all the things I did this year that were inspired by Pinterest.  Earlier this week, I looked back at all the crafts I've made.   I also reviewed my very favorite recipes from this year.  Today I'm looking back at the best (and worst) of everything.

Reader's Choice - favorite Pinterest inspired craft
(This was one of my personal favorites as well!)
felt succulents

My favorite Pinterest inspired project:

Mr. Pin Junkie's favorite Pinterest inspired recipe:

Pin Junkie Jr.'s favorite Pinterest inspired recipe:
crispy-chicken-tenders-with-honey mustard sauce

Pin that was the most fun:
pinned it did it paris

Pin I'm most proud of accomplishing:
5k-challenge-did it

The post that was the most read this year was inspired by several different pins:

Most useful Pinterest inspired project:
wood-photo-backdrops diy

The pin that was the biggest surprise:

Best organizing tip found on Pinterest this year:
How to organize-dishes-in-small-kitchen

Worst Pinterest inspired recipe this year:


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