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Holiday Movies

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One of my family's favorite activities to do every year is watch holiday movies.  It doesn't matter how many times we've seen them, we like to watch them again and again every year.  Sometimes we watch while munching on holiday cookies and sipping hot cocoa and sometimes we watch while wrapping gifts.  Sometimes we just watch and laugh at the same old jokes.  Some of my favorite movies to watch during the holidays are:

A Christmas Story
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Love Actually
A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Grinch

Nativity! is a new favorite on my list and of course, I discovered this movie through Pinterest!

I am a huge fan of British television so when I saw this on Pinterest, I knew I had to see it.

It was released in theaters in 2009 and only in the UK.  You can get it on Netflix so put it in your queue right away! 

In this British comedy, a frustrated primary school teacher named Paul Maddens, played by Martin Freeman (Sherlock, The Hobbit, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy) is given the job of producing the school nativity play.    In the movie, Mr. Maddens has recently broken up with his girlfriend and everything seems to go wrong with the Nativity play with humorous results.  Don't worry, it has a happy ending!  This is a really sweet film!

*Special note if you are a David Tennant fan:   According to  IMBD  Nativity 2 starring David Tennant was just released in Ireland and the UK earlier this November.  Hopefully, it will be available in the U.S in time for next Christmas!

What are your favorite holiday movies?

Skinny Veggie Lasagna

The inspiration came from this pin at Pinch of Yum.  Click here for the recipe.

From Pinch of Yum
I made this lasagna with low expectations.  How good could vegetarian lasagna be, right?  Especially if I have to make it for a hungry husband and teenage son who don't particularly like anything healthy or vegetarian like tofu pumpkin pie. 

Even if it did turn out to be good, I'd be eating leftovers during the next few days like the vegetable tian I made.  So I took a chance and made the lasagna anyway, because my family are good sports and will at least (reluctantly) taste what I make for dinner. 

Well, my husband finished his first helping before I did and I thought he was being nice when he went back for seconds, but he insisted it was really good.  My son said it was delicious and went back for thirds!

So this recipe is three enthusiastic thumbs up, and that's coming from two people who don't like vegetables!

Skinny Vegetable Lasagna

Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Let's Pretend This Never Happened

I discovered Jenny Lawson on Pinterest, of course.  Someone had pinned the giant metal chicken story and after reading that hilarious tale of impulse shopping, I knew I wanted to read more from her.  I immediately pinned her book to my Books I Want to Read Pinterest board.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened is a laugh out loud memoir recounting Jenny's unconventional childhood in rural Texas, her unusual family, and her marriage to a very patient man named Victor.

This is Jenny's first book, but her equally humorous writing can be found on her blog,  The Bloggess.  She is funny, irreverent, and sarcastic and you will find yourself laughing at the wildly inappropriate things she says.

I suppose this book should come with a few warning labels.  First, be careful where you read this book.  My husband found this out the hard way while on a plane.  This book will make you laugh out loud.  The more you try NOT to laugh, the more you WILL laugh.  Second, don't read this book if you are easily offended and/or don't like cursing.

Are you a fan of The Bloggess?  Have you read her book?  What did you think?

Thanksgiving Leftovers - Pumpkin Pie

Low Fat Pumpkin Pie
Low Fat Pumpkin Pie

I'm guessing everyone is tired of Thanksgiving leftovers by now, but I have some to share with you.  Do you have room for pie? 

For Thanksgiving, my in-laws did the cooking.  The only thing I had to bring was pumpkin pie.  I saw this recipe for a low fat pumpkin pie and thought it would be a good idea to try until I looked at the ingredients.  Tofu?  In pumpkin pie?  After my trip to the grocery store to buy tofu,  Pinterest Test Subject #1 (my son) suspiciously eyed the tofu in the fringe.  

"What's this doing in the fridge?"  he asked.

"It's for the pumpkin pie" I answered.  

He looked at me as suspiciously as he'd just looked at the tofu.  Clearly mom had some strange things in store.

I made the pie, but someone else brought pumpkin pies to Thanksgiving dinner and we were all so full, no one wanted desert.  No problem, I thought to myself.  On Saturday, we went to a potluck at a friend's house.  I took my tofu pumpkin pie, but there was SO MUCH food!  I took my pumpkin pie home again uncut and untasted. 

It wasn't until Sunday that I tasted it.  By now, it had been carted back and forth to several diffent houses and wasn't looking as nice as when it first came out of the oven.  And it still had . . . tofu in it.

My Pinterest test subjects are willing to taste just about anything, but they didn't want to taste this.  It may have been because they were still full from Thanksgiving and all the food they'd eaten over the holiday weekend,  but I think it was because of the tofu.

So I tasted it and you know what?  It was good!  It tasted like pumpkin pie, it didn't taste bland or low fat, it had a good consistency and the right texture and it was pretty darn amazing!  Low fat tofu pumpkin pie - who knew!

If you'd like to try low fat tofu pumpkin pie, go here for the recipe. 

Photo Albums

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All the ideas shared in this link party are DIY ideas from the new book by Sherry & John Petersik of Young House Love.    I'm a huge fan of Young House Love and I received their book for my birthday earlier this November.

Not only is today's DIY idea inspired by something in the Young House Love book, but it also has to be inspired by something I pinned from Pinterest.  I am the the Pin Junkie after all!

This is idea #116 on page 165 of Young House love - streamline your photos.

I love this idea! I made a book for each family vacation.  It's really nice to have the pictures accessible and not have to dig through tons of stuff to find the pictues you want.  And as Sherry & John mention in the book, a book takes up a lot less space!

I wish I had all the family photos organized, but for now, I've only done the vacations.

I used Shutterfly to make my books and it's easy to do.  Photobooks, stationery, cards, and more from Shutterfly.

Shutterfly Photo Books

Anthropologie Monogrammed Hooks

This post is part of the DIY Action Squad link party hosted by 

All the ideas shared in this link party are DIY ideas from the new book by Sherry & John Petersik of Young House Love.    I'm a huge fan of Young House Love and I received their book for my birthday.

Not only is today's DIY idea inspired by somthing in the Young House Love book, but it also has to be insired by something I pinned from Pinterst.  I am the the Pin Junkie after all!

This is idea #93 on page 145 of Young House love - add function and syle with hooks.

The idea also came from this pin pinned to my For the Home Pinterest board.

from Anthropologie

I have a very small bathroom which means limited storage space.  I love these vintage style monogrammed hooks at Anthropologie  and they come in every letter of the alphabet.  I bought two for $12.00 each and hung them in my very small bathroom with no storage.  They're great for hanging towels and I love the way they add some vintage style in my bathroom.  Super easy project too!

Anthropologie Monogrammed Hooks

Black Friday

Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people (and the food) you love.

Go ahead and eat that extra slice of pumpkin pie!

DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

I wanted a different way to store my necklaces.  I kept my necklaces in a jewelry box, but since they were tucked away and I didn't see them, I didn't wear them often.  My inspiration came from this pin on my Organizing Pinterest board.

from Monaluna
I bought an inexpensive old frame years ago.  It was just the frame with no glass or artwork in it.  I really didn't know what I was going to do with it, but it had such a  pretty rustic finish.  It was already pretty shabby so I added a touch of gold paint to give it a little chic.

I used some cork that I had from an old cork board I wasn't using any more and wrapped it in fabric.  I used a staple gun to staple the fabric to the back of the cork board and popped the whole thing into the frame.  Then I screwed some hooks into the cork board to hold the necklaces.

The tutorial for this project is here.

This was another easy project. I had all the materials, too. I love it when I don't have to buy anything!

DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer 
Now that I can see my necklaces, I wear them more often and I can enjoy them as art even when I'm not wearing them!

Hershey's Turkey Nuggets

Hershey's Turkey Nuggets

These are better than chicken nuggets - they're turkey nuggets!  (and they're made of chocolate!)

The hardest part of this project is not eating all of the candy in the bag before you're ready to make the project!  (I struggled with this part!)

The idea for this project came from Jill's Ink and is pinned from my Crafts - Paper pinterest board.  I had to do some improvising, since I didn't have all the needed materials.

You'll need:
a bag of Hershey's Nuggets

The original directions said to use a 1" inch circle punch for the head.  I didn't have one, so I just used a quarter to trace a circle.  The directions also call for googly eyes (which I also didn't have), so I just used a black marker to draw the eyes.  You'll also need to cut a 1" wide paper strip to wrap around the Hershey's Nugget.

The directions also say to use a scalloped hole punch for the tail.  Since I didn't have a scalloped hole punch, I cut out circles using scalloped scissors.  You'll need three paper circles in different colors.

Glue the three circles together but stagger them a little.  Then trim the bottom of the three paper circles to make it look a little more like turkey feathers.  Then just glue everything together.

I made these for friends at work, but this would be a great project for kids to do.

 Hershey's Turkey Nuggets

DIY Blog Carnival #1

Its time to share the projects you've been working on!

Miss Jena made a Twilight Style Coat for Jane posted at My RSS Feed, saying, "In light of the up and coming, and sadly last, Twilight film, I thought I would share a project I put together a year ago for the my daughter to attend the Dallas Twilight Convention. She wanted to win the costume competition and go as the witch twin, Jane, a member of the Voluturi. I felt like I just threw the costume together, but when it was all done, the project was a beautiful, warm, coat made from a nice mid-grade suite fabric with a flannel lining."

Twilight Style Coat

Miss Jena also presents Making an Ottoman from Scrap Fabric | Interior Design, Art, Sustainable Second Home | DESIGNStudio posted at My RSS Feed, saying, "Create your own fabric ottoman in as little as 6 hours for free or very little cost using scrap fabric you have already hoarded. Durable, no hard edges for babies to hit, fabulously funky and functional!"

Ottoman from Scrap Fabric

Lindsay Ropella made DIY Corn Bags – The Cure for all Aches and Pains! posted at The Newlywed Notebook, saying, "Moist heat corn bags are a cure for muscle aches, headaches, cramps, stomach pains, and much more! You can make these at home for under $5. Super easy and effective!" 

DIY Corn Bags

Thanks so much for sharing your projects!  If you would like to submit your blog article to the next blog carnival, just use the carnival submission form or use the widget in the sidebar.

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Paper Pumpkins

I pinned this project from Two Paper Divas to my Crafts - Paper Pinterest board.

from Two Paper Divas
If you like paper crafting or card making, you must visit Two Paper Divas.  They have some really great ideas on their blog.  You can also go here for their tutorial for this project.

Here is what you will need:
  • one sheet of orange paper
  • a paper cutter (a ruler and scissors would work too) 
  • a hot glue gun
You will also need a twig, a few leaves, and raffia for embellishment.

Start by making paper medallions.  Cut your strips.  You will need a total of six strips.

Accordian fold the strips and glue the ends together so they look like this.

Cut out circles.  I used a bottle lid as a template.

Press the folded strips flat and glue the circle in the center.

Glue the paper medallions together with the glue gun.  The smallest medallions go on the top and bottom and the wider ones go in the middle.

I ended up not using the smallest piece that goes on the top because my paper pumpkin looked more like a paper pine cone.  Now it just looks like an orange.  I guess I'm not a paper diva because my pumpkin really didn't look as nice as the one I pinned. 

If you've made this and got better results let me know!

You can still use the tutorial to make the paper medallions which can be used for many different embellishments.  I used them for my paper banner.

Fabric Covered Notebooks

Not only am I a "Pin Junkie," I'm also a "List Junkie!"  I'm constantly writing lists and notes to myself and as a result, I have pieces of paper everywhere.  I'm trying to get more organized and tame the paper clutter.  I started by sorting and filing my lists in some notebooks I had.  My old notebooks were still in good condition, but they had writing on them that wouldn't come off and weren't pretty to look at.

I pinned this idea a while ago on my Pinterest Organizing board.

from The Uncluttered Lifestyle
Go here for the tutorial on how to do this project.

I used the extra fabric and spray adhesive I had leftover from my  closet door makeover.  The spray adhesive isn't permanent so I had to use a glue gun in a few places to help the corners stick.  You can see there's ink on the inside of the notebook too.  Perfect for covering up!

It only took an hour to cover two notebooks.  They look much prettier now and coordinate with my office.  The only thing I had to buy were the bookplates.  I love using what I already have to make something that looks nice!

Fabric Covered Notebooks

Gallery Wall

The idea for this project came from this pin.

Photo from Love Actually

I attempted making a gallery wall myself by buying a variety of different frames that were all the same color, but I could never get the arrangement to look right.  I was very happy to discover there is something for people like me at Michael's.  They should name it "Gallery Walls for Dummies" but it's actually called Gallery Solutions.  I bought nine frames of the same style when they were on sale.  

Even better, there is a paper template you can buy for just a few dollars.  

Gallery Solutions

It has different arrangements on it so you can do a smaller arrangement or a diagonal arrangement for a stairway.  You just tape the paper template to the wall, hammer in the nails in the designated spot on the template, remove the paper from the wall, then hang your pictures.  Easy!  I am terrible at hanging pictures so this was well worth the few bucks.

Gallery Solutions paper template
The next step was to plan out which pictures to use.  I went through all of our pictures from our travels and family vacations and chose my favorites.  I uploaded the digital photos to Snapfish and had each picture printed in the size that was needed for each frame.  For an arrangement like this, it's really important to get the spacing just right and all the pictures need to be straight.  The paper template really helped with that and saved a lot of time.

Gallery Wall

It turned out really well and it's great way to fill up a large wall.  I love having a reminder of all the places our family has been!