Thanksgiving Leftovers - Pumpkin Pie

Low Fat Pumpkin Pie
Low Fat Pumpkin Pie

I'm guessing everyone is tired of Thanksgiving leftovers by now, but I have some to share with you.  Do you have room for pie? 

For Thanksgiving, my in-laws did the cooking.  The only thing I had to bring was pumpkin pie.  I saw this recipe for a low fat pumpkin pie and thought it would be a good idea to try until I looked at the ingredients.  Tofu?  In pumpkin pie?  After my trip to the grocery store to buy tofu,  Pinterest Test Subject #1 (my son) suspiciously eyed the tofu in the fringe.  

"What's this doing in the fridge?"  he asked.

"It's for the pumpkin pie" I answered.  

He looked at me as suspiciously as he'd just looked at the tofu.  Clearly mom had some strange things in store.

I made the pie, but someone else brought pumpkin pies to Thanksgiving dinner and we were all so full, no one wanted desert.  No problem, I thought to myself.  On Saturday, we went to a potluck at a friend's house.  I took my tofu pumpkin pie, but there was SO MUCH food!  I took my pumpkin pie home again uncut and untasted. 

It wasn't until Sunday that I tasted it.  By now, it had been carted back and forth to several diffent houses and wasn't looking as nice as when it first came out of the oven.  And it still had . . . tofu in it.

My Pinterest test subjects are willing to taste just about anything, but they didn't want to taste this.  It may have been because they were still full from Thanksgiving and all the food they'd eaten over the holiday weekend,  but I think it was because of the tofu.

So I tasted it and you know what?  It was good!  It tasted like pumpkin pie, it didn't taste bland or low fat, it had a good consistency and the right texture and it was pretty darn amazing!  Low fat tofu pumpkin pie - who knew!

If you'd like to try low fat tofu pumpkin pie, go here for the recipe. 


  1. Thanks for participating in The Ugly Duckling, we weren't sure if people were going to go for it, so glad some embraced it!


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