Paper Pumpkins

I pinned this project from Two Paper Divas to my Crafts - Paper Pinterest board.

from Two Paper Divas
If you like paper crafting or card making, you must visit Two Paper Divas.  They have some really great ideas on their blog.  You can also go here for their tutorial for this project.

Here is what you will need:
  • one sheet of orange paper
  • a paper cutter (a ruler and scissors would work too) 
  • a hot glue gun
You will also need a twig, a few leaves, and raffia for embellishment.

Start by making paper medallions.  Cut your strips.  You will need a total of six strips.

Accordian fold the strips and glue the ends together so they look like this.

Cut out circles.  I used a bottle lid as a template.

Press the folded strips flat and glue the circle in the center.

Glue the paper medallions together with the glue gun.  The smallest medallions go on the top and bottom and the wider ones go in the middle.

I ended up not using the smallest piece that goes on the top because my paper pumpkin looked more like a paper pine cone.  Now it just looks like an orange.  I guess I'm not a paper diva because my pumpkin really didn't look as nice as the one I pinned. 

If you've made this and got better results let me know!

You can still use the tutorial to make the paper medallions which can be used for many different embellishments.  I used them for my paper banner.


  1. So cool! I love working with paper and love your paper crafts. I am your newest follower..:)

    -Priyam @

  2. How big are the widest strips? Are they 1 1/2 as well?


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