Picking Raspberries

Picking Raspberries
picking raspberries

This weekend, I went to Salmon Ranch in northern New Mexico to pick raspberries.  Every time I go to Northern New Mexico I'm reminded how pretty it is.

It was a perfect day for picking raspberries . . .


. . . and there were plenty of ripe berries.


Perfectly ripe and delicious!

fresh raspberries

It didn't take long for each of us to fill a bucket.

fresh raspberries

We had several pints by the time we were done picking.

raspberry baskets

After raspberry picking, we explored the rest of the ranch. Many of the buildings such as the mission church, the grist mill, the mercantile building, along with this beautiful hacienda were built in the territorial days of the 1860's.  New Mexico didn't become a state until 1912. 

hacienda salmon ranch new mexico

It was really neat to see how the buildings were constructed with adobe bricks and plastered over.   

adobe wall

We had a picnic lunch at this pretty spot by the acequia.


It was definitely a perfect weekend!



  1. Those raspberries look gorgeous! I wish we could pick them here in Florida. ;)


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