Printable Oscar Ballots

Printable Oscar Ballots
Printable Oscar Ballots

Who likes watching the Academy Awards?  I admit I do and I watch every year.  I love to see the stars arriving on the red carpet, I like to see what they're wearing, and I even like that moment when the envelope is opened and everyone waits for "and the Oscar goes to. . . "  This year I've seen very few of the nominated movies, but that won't stop me from tuning in.  I'll be watching solo this year, but in the past I've watched with friends and it was fun to have these ballots on hand.  Viewers can cast their votes and mark who they think the winners will be in each category.  It's also nice for guests to have a handy list of nominated movies to take home with them.  So whether you're watching alone or with friends here's how to make your own Oscar ballots.

black construction paper or card stock
hole punch
Printable Oscar Ballots

For the black cover:
1.  Cut the black paper so that it's 12 inches long and 5.75 inches wide.
2.  Fold the left side in 1.25 inches.
3.  Find the center of the folded edge by measuring 6 inches from the top. 
4.  Punch two holes on the left side 3 inches apart, or 1.5 inches from the center.

Printable Oscar Ballots
For the pages:
1.  Print out the cover and the ballot (found here)
2.  Cut the printed pages in half lengthwise.
3.  Insert the pages into the cover and hole punch again, this time through the printed pages. 
4.  Thread a ribbon through the holes and tie on the back.

Printable Oscar Ballots

That's it! You've got some quick and easy party favors for your Oscar viewing party!  Will you be watching this year?  Are you watching with friends?  Which nominated movies have you seen this year? 

Printable Oscar Ballots

Inspired by this pin for Oscar party ballots.


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