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Best Pinterest Projects

Can you believe it?  I'm celebrating my two year blogiversary this week!

Two years ago, I decided I would actually do the things I pinned on Pinterest.  I made a few crafts and tried a few recipes and had so much fun, I wanted to share my obsession with love of Pinterest with everyone and The Pin Junkie was born.

I knew absolutely nothing about blogging, photography, or social media.  Can you believe I'd never used Facebook until I started blogging?  It's true!  Two years ago, I tentatively posted my very first project based on this jack-o-lantern pin complete with a really bad, grainy picture. 

Looking back at my very first project, I'd like to think that my crafting and photography skills have improved a bit!  Honestly, this project makes me laugh!  The jack-o-lantern was supposed to look like it had just eaten someone, but instead it looks like he has a very strange tongue!


This year I tried over 40 new recipes, read more than 10 new books, and made 32 craft projects.  Believe it or not, that's actually less than last year!  (But I did a lot more traveling this year.)   Some of my favorite projects this year were . . .

. . . these felt succulents because they looked really nice in the
ceramic pots that Pin Junkie Jr. made . . .

. . . and these picture ledges because I can display my favorite pictures.  Plus, I'm always impressed with myself anytime I make something with wood and it turns out right!

Did you have a favorite Pin Junkie craft this year?  Please vote for your favorite below.  (You can vote for more than one.)  The results will be announced later this week!


  1. Dear Bonnie, Congratulations!!! This is a wonderful accomplishment. ~ Catherine

  2. How fun and congratulations on your 2yr blogiversary. Voted for some of my favorites.


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