The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner

The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner
The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner

"This is Paris; here the winds of change are blowing, whispering their discontent into the very hearts of her citizens.  A Paris waiting for the first slow turn of a wheel that will bring with it a revolution the like of which Europe has never known.  This is where the devil goes walking."

Though written for young adults, The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner is fiction that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.  Yann Margoza, the hero of the story, possesses gypsy blood and a mysterious talent.  He works with Tetu and Topolain the magician in the theater.  During one particular cold night, he and his theater troop are called upon to perform their popular act at the chateau of the Marquis de Villeduval where they meet the cold and calculating Count Kalliovksi and the beautiful Sidonie de Villeduval.

Set during the turbulent French Revolution, the lives of each character change quickly and events rapidly lead them to surprising and intersecting paths.  After their first brief meeting, Yann and Sido knew their destinies were somehow inseparable, but circumstances keep them apart.  As a member of an aristocratic family, Sido finds herself in danger.  The evil Count Kalliovksi arrives to save her from the Bastille, but his intentions are far from honorable.

The Red Necklace contains many richly developed, memorable characters and Sally Gardener's narration is impeccable.  This is a love story filled with historical fiction, adventure, and a touch of magic.  I rarely read books more than once and this book is on the short list of books I would read again.


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