Eating in Paris

Eating in Paris

Three days was simply not enough time in Paris.  Not only didn't I get to see everything, but I didn't get to taste everything either.  However, what I did taste was delicious!  I enjoyed some of the best wine I've ever had (Sure wish I could remember what it was so I could try to find it at home!) and not expensive stuff either - just four or five euro a glass.

Our first night, we went to dinner at a place that served only crepes.  I'm embarrassed to say I've never had a crepe before so I ordered two.  A savory one for the meal and a sweet one for dessert.  Mr. Pin Junkie ordered a crepe with chocolate, caramel sauce, and roasted bananas.  I don't think I've ever seen him enjoy a dessert so much!  Those crepes were fantastic and I must try to make them at home!

The second night, we went to a Italian restaurant which I was initially reluctant to go to.  Why go to an Italian restaurant when you're in Paris?  But the food was excellent and my mushroom risotto topped with melt-in-your-mouth parma ham and tiramisu for dessert didn't disappoint.  Neither did our waiter.  I've noticed that at all the restaurants and cafes we've been to in Europe, the waiters don't come to the table to check on you much during your meal.  I'm assuming they want you to enjoy your meal and your conversation without  interruptions from them.  At this restaurant, our waiter stopped by our table several times just to talk.  He asked the woman at the next table for help a few times for translation and he wanted to know where we were from and how we were enjoying Paris.  He said we must come back again on July 14.  When I replied "Yes, for Bastille Day" his whole face lit up and he exclaimed "Oh, you've been already!"  After he went to another table, the woman who was helping him came over to tell us the best vacation she'd ever taken was in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is just an hour from where I live.

I'll always remember the last cafe we went to eat.  Mr. Pin Junkie tried to order something and he was taking a while to decide what he wanted.  I think the waiter was a little impatient with him.  When Mr. Pin Junkie finally decided to order andouille sausage, the waiter immediately waived his hand and said emphatically "No!  For you, no!"  It was everything I could do not to laugh, but I think the waiter was actually trying to be nice and prevent him from ordering something he wouldn't like since andouille sausage is made of intestines and stomach.  Mr. Pin Junkie didn't think it was funny, but I'm still laughing about it!

Eating in Paris was certainly memorable.  We didn't go to any lavish restaurants.  Instead, we ate at inexpensive but picture perfect street cafes like this one.

Paris street cafe


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