Our Home Away From Home

Our Home Away From Home

After eleven hours of travelling, I'm finally in Belgium!

We arrived in Brussels right before a big music festival and the airport and metro stations were packed with young people and all of them speaking so many different languages!  I heard French, German, Flemmish, and a few others I couldn't recognize.  Belgium itself has three official languages:  French, Dutch, and German.  In town, I'm mostly hearing French.  I'm trying to remember to say bonjour instead of hola, oui instead of si, and s'il vous plait instead of por favor, which is much harder than it sounds while my brain is in a heavy fog of jet lag.

While I try to get acclimated to a new time zone and my new surroundings, I thought I'd share a peek at my home away from home in Brussels.  The windows are open and I can hear the sounds of the neighborhood:  people talking in the street, church bells ringing, and music playing.  Our lovely apartment comes with everything we could possibly need including fresh croissants for breakfast!

Later today will be an excursion to explore our neighborhood.  We'll also make a visit to the grocery store to buy some snacks and things to stock our sunny and bright kitchen which is fully equipped and is nicer than our kitchen at home. 

I keep looking out the windows at the views of the narrow brick apartments and people walking home with their shopping to remind myself that I'm really here!   Still can't believe it!


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