Eating in Brussels

Eating in Brussels
Eating in Brussels

Eating in Belgium
Eating in Brussels has been much different than what I expected.  Brussels is home to the European Union and there are many nationalities and cultures represented here which is certainly evident in the diverse menu options that are available.  There is such a wide variety of food here!  So far I've eaten a chicken wrap sandwich from a mid-eastern deli as well as Jamaican jerk chicken and fried plantains at a street fair just down the street from our apartment.  I've also enjoyed carbonnades flamandes which is Flemish beef stew and the national dish of Belgium.  Its absolutely delicious and I'm determined to try to make it when I get home.   

I've also tried the Belgian fries which are thick cut fries and usually served with generous helpings of mayonnaise and tiny forks so that you can eat them without getting your fingers messy.  Belgian waffles are served everywhere.  I can smell their sweet aroma at every train station, street fair and street corner I've been to.  They're delicious plain, but they're also served with powdered sugar or melted chocolate.

Sometimes I feel like I'm already in France.  Not only do I hear French spoken just about everywhere, but French bakeries and pastry shops are very common and I've eaten pains au chocolat and croissants almost every morning for breakfast.  Ordering has been a bit tricky since I don't speak French and there's a lot of trying to decipher the menu and just plain guessing.  So far everyone has been very patient and kind.  When going to a restaurant or street cafe, I'm not used to just sitting at a table instead of waiting to be seating, but I'm beginning to get the hang of it.  

Mr. Pin Junkie and I have also been eating some meals in our apartment.  I've been to the local grocery store just down the street and that was interesting.  You have to pay to use the grocery carts so many people just bring their own bags or shopping trolleys.  You also have to provide your own bags and do your own bagging.  The store is certainly smaller than what I'm used to at home.  It has a smaller selection, but certainly has every thing you need.  Presentation of items on the shelves doesn't seem to be as important as it is at home, but definitely the fruits and vegetables are fresher and less expensive.  Not a lot of pre-packed or convenience food or anything sold in bulk sizes. 

It has been a bit frustrating for me not being able to communicate well with people (I really wish I knew more French!) but I have to say that tasting all these new yummy foods has certainly been one of the high points of the trip so far!


  1. All of that food sounds delish! I would love to try some Belgian fries with mayo! YUMMY!


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