Image Transfer Table Makeover

Image Transfer Table Makeover
Hi Pin Junkie readers! I'm Susan from SunflowerHugs

I blog about painting furniture that I find at garage sales, auctions or even the side of the road. 

I have always been a creative person, but until I discovered Pinterest, I didn't really have an outlet for it. I found so many blogs on Pinterest that inspired me to paint furniture.

My newest obsession is to transfer graphics as a final touch onto the furniture I paint. I think it adds so much to the piece, especially when the piece itself is plain.

For example this outdated table. I got it at an auction for just $1!

image tranfser table makeover

With that large flat top, I knew it would be perfect for a graphic to be transferred on it. I did a search on Graphics Fairy and found this mason jar and thought it would be cute to use. I planned on sizing it to print at Staples on an engineer print. Their 18"x24" size is only $1.79, and that is the size I like to use.

I use Power Point to size the page to 18"x24" and then insert the image so I can make sure I fill the page. The mason jar was not very wide and I knew I would have a lot of blank paper. I moved it over as far as I could and found the Eiffel Tower image to fit on the page with it. Basically I am cheap and didn't want to waste the paper, so I filled it up the best I could. (I used the Eiffel Tower on another table.)

how to transfer image


I painted the top of the table with white and the legs with an oops paint that is light blue. Both were mixed into homemade chalk paint.

I cut the mason jar image right to the edge and then followed this tutorial by Creative Carmella to apply the graphic to the table top.

image transfer table makeover

Above is a photo of the stage where you wet the paper to start rubbing it off. It is very exciting at first, when the image starts to pop through, but then it gets nerve wracking because if you rub too hard, the black of the image comes off too. Then it gets monotonous because it takes forever to rub off the paper layer on such a huge image. 

After the image was fully visible I let it dry and then I distressed it along with the rest of the paint job. The last step is to wax it with Minwax Finishing Paste.

image transfer table makeover

The image has a rustic look, but since the paint is distressed, it goes with it.

image transfer table makeover

It is definitely some added steps, but I really like the way it brings life to the table.

Bonnie, thank you for letting me share my hobby with your readers! I really appreciate it.

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