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The following is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cafe Press.  

A few weeks ago, I told you about CafePress and how they have many items that can be customized.  From clothing and accessories, to home accents and stationary and everything in between, CafePress has it all and they make it easy for you to personalize.  I decided to try CafePress for myself and ordered a few items.  Customizing was fun, there was so much to choose from!  Delivery was quick and I only had a to wait a few short days before I received a box announcing my goodies had arrived.

I plan on going to a blog conference in February and decided it would be a good idea to have some cards to hand out.  CafePress has a huge selection of business cards to choose from or you can custom design your own, which is what I did. 

CafePress makes it easy to create your own greeting cards.  Last week, I shared how I'm trying to improve my photography skills.  I took this picture of a dandelion, uploaded it to CafePress and made a custom birthday card.  I'm really impressed with these cards and the quality is excellent!  My photo printed out crisp and clear and the card is a good quality, thick card stock. 

I can just imagine the cute party invitations, birthday invites, and Christmas invitations you can make with CafePress!  It's as easy as uploading your favorite photo and getting creative!  Besides stationary, CafePress also has great gifts.  I got this coffee mug that's perfect for the coffee addict I know!

I had so much fun creating my own stationary and greeting cards at CafePress.   Ordering was a snap and delivery was fast.  I'm very happy with the items I ordered!


  1. Those business cards are really cute. Maybe one of these days I'll make some for myself. Found you through Blog Hop Social and love your blog.

    1. Thanks Britni! So glad you stopped by to say hello!


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