Hot August Nights Car Show in Reno

This weekend I went to Reno, Nevada for Hot August Nights.

Hot August Nights is a HUGE car show that Reno holds every year.  There are so many classic cars, it's impossible see them all.  Everything from oldies from the '30's and '40's, to '50's trucks and station wagons, to '60's and '70's muscle cars.  Every single vehicle was in top shape with shiny chrome and paint so polished you could see your reflection in it!

There were cars on display all over the city, but what I really liked was seeing them drive around town.  Throughout the city, classic cars could be seen driving the city streets and freeways.  At night the city organized a cruise and all the cars drove along a mapped out route.  It was almost like a parade with everyone smiling, waving, and honking.  It's really something to hear some of those cars, too!

I really heard some noise at the drag races.  Engines revved and tired squealed as drivers raced their classic Camaros, Cougars, even trucks and station wagons!  This Chevy had over 700 horsepower! 

I got a kick out of this 1972 Chevy Vega.  My first car was a '76 Vega which I always thought was a piece of junk, so it was a real surprise to see one racing!  Vegas were plagued with problems and didn't last, so you don't see many of these anymore.  It turns out Vegas used to be real popular to race because they were light and easy to change out the engine and transmission.   

This Vega was definitely fast!

I got my chance to race in a Corvette.  Too bad I was such a silly, giggly mess, but I just couldn't help it. It was a lot of fun!  (click picture for video)

Hot August Nights is a week long event, but I was just there for the weekend.  It was certainly a fun filled weekend that I won't forget!  On the way back to the airport, I saw this Flintstones car stopped at a red light.  This is pretty much what I felt like driving my Vega!  The car was big, had no power (I spent a lot of time pushing it!) and needed a football field to turn.


  1. I love to join these type of car shows because there are bunch of stylish car theirs which shows the passion of the people with their cars.


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