Zucchini & Green Chili Quiche

zucchini quiche recipe
Zucchini Green Chili Quiche

I live in New Mexico where we take our chili very seriously.  We're proud of our green chili and put it on almost everything.  For those of you who aren't familiar with green chili, it's just a sauce made from green chili peppers (not bell peppers).  The peppers are roasted, skinned, and then chopped up to make a sauce that can be anywhere from mild to hot depending on how hot the chili peppers are.  I like my green chili mild.

Every fall when the chilies are harvested, you can buy a 15 to 20 pound burlap bag of chili peppers at just about any local grocery store and get them roasted on the spot.  Many people fill their freezers with their fresh roasted green chili and even ship it frozen to loved ones who live out of state and miss the taste of home.

I don't have a big freezer, so I just buy the canned green chili.  If you've never tried green chili, look for it next time you're at the store.  It goes on just about everything from tacos, enchiladas, and even hamburgers.  If you can't find canned green chili at your local grocery store,don't worry.  This quiche would still taste good without it.

My mother-in-law makes delicious quiche, but it's very rich and heavy and you feel like you have to lay down for a while and take a nap after you have a slice.  She makes hers with at least six eggs, cream, LOTS of cheese, and bacon.  This recipe is a little bit lighter.  It only uses three eggs and low fat cottage cheese.  I wasn't sure I would like cottage cheese in quiche.  I don't like the way you can see pieces of it in the quiche.  I don't know why that bothers me, it just does.  It really doesn't affect the texture or the taste of the quiche at all.  In fact, this quiche is light and fluffy without being heavy and eggy.  It tastes so good!  I had three pieces and probably could have gone back for fourths, but I had to show some self restraint!

This recipe is from Mom On Timeout.

Inspired by this pin for zucchini green chili quiche.


  1. That looks soooo good! I love adding green chilis to quesadillas, sweet corn, anything! Totally pinned this!

  2. That looks wonderful! My biggest problem is I am the only one in the house who eats quiche. Maybe I can make some minis. :) Dropping by today from Our Everyday Harvest's blog hop Have a great day!

    1. I know how that goes! I've got picky eaters in my family too!


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