Front Yard Landscaping

I love looking at pictures on Pinterest and in magazines of cottage gardens, and green lawns trimmed with colorful flowers.  Although I dream of lush, flowering gardens, in reality I live in the desert so it's a fight to keep anything green here and we really have to be careful to control our water use.  So although I have dreams of English gardens in bloom, I'm faced with the hot and dry reality of the desert.  Many yards in my neighborhood have rocks and cactus, but I just have rocks and weeds. 

This is my front yard.  Isn't it sad?  I hate having the ugliest yard on the street.  I have some very pretty native and low water use plants in the backyard, but no one can see them.


chocolate flower (really smells like chocolate!)

catmint (the bees love it!)

red valerian

So this week we went from this . . .

to this!

I didn't want to move tons of rock in 100 degree heat, so we hired a crew to do it.  They made quick work of things with the bobcat.

By the end of the day, half of our front yard was in a dumpster.

After day one, the yard was looking bare, but a lot cleaner.  No more weeds and mismatched rock!

On day two the plants went in with the drip line irrigation.  This makes watering everything really easy!

On day three the rock went in and the whole yard was finished!  I know it doesn't look like much from this picture, but it will be even prettier as the plants grow and fill in. 

Not everything is blooming yet, but the ones that are blooming are gorgeous!
This rose looks like it could be in an English garden, doesn't it?

The bees and the butterflies love this vitex.


As things grow and bloom, I'll be sure to share pictures!


  1. You did a nice, clean job that fits right in in the desert. We have issues filling in our yard due to high altitude. Seems gardening many places is a challenge.

  2. Looks so great I know what you mean for years we lived in AZ and if it wasn't Lantana it died. We just recently moved up to Utah and I'm so excited that it's June and my plants are alive and blooming.

    Desiree @ YourCraftyFriend

  3. Ah you must live in the Phoenix area. I lived there for 15 years til I made my way up to Flagstaff and never looked back. But I'm right there with you. We had the ugliest house on the street, with nothing in our flowerbed and we had to paint because it hadn't been painted in like 15 years. It was in desperate need of love, then we moved in and made it pretty. I was embarrassed to pull in the driveway most days, but now, its a joy. Its nice to arrive home to a pretty yard or house for sure. Great job!

    I'm a new follower from The Every Day Harvest Hop. I hope you have a great weekend and would love for you to stop by sometime. I host a weekend blog post sharing showcase, that you might want to link this, or another post up to for more comments!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands


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