Mustang Car Show

During the Memorial Day weekend  I went to a Mustang car show with my husband and son. We saw all kinds of Mustangs - classics as well as brand new ones.  My favorites are the classics.  You can tell the owners love their cars!  They are so pristine and polished!  There were so many beautiful cars at the show and these are just a few.

 66 Mustang convertible coupe

 The "Bullitt" car.

 66 Mustang coupe

 69 Mustang convertible

 Mustang mach 1

 Mustang mach 1

Did you know that when my husband isn't helping me with my Pinterest projects, he's got his own project he's working on?  It's 1967 mustang fastback.  I keep telling him he should write a blog about his experience, but he doesn't seem interested.  He's taken the entire interior out and in the process had to remove mice nests and mice carcasses.  Sounds like fun doesn't it?  He's got most of the front end of the car disassembled and will be pulling the engine out soon. 

 It looks like this now. 

 I like to call it Franken-car.

 One day it will look as nice as those mustangs at the car show!


  1. My 13 yr old daughter LOVES Mustangs and would have had so much fun at this Mustang Show. Love that you have a Franken Car too :) It will look so awesome when it's finished!

    Shauna @ The Best Blog Recipes

    1. Thanks Shauna! A lot more work still needs to be done so it will be awhile before it's finished.


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