How To Peel Garlic The Easy Way

How to peel garlic the easy way
How To Peel Garlic Easy Way

I love finding easy ways to do things on Pinterest.  I found this pin for peeling garlic and decided to try it out.

 Start with a whole garlic bulb.

Use a bowl or the palm of your hand to break apart the bulb of garlic.

The garlic will look like this.

Put the garlic cloves in a seal-able container and shake.  A ziplock bag won't work.  The container needs to be something hard.  The garlic knocks against the sides of the container and that's what knocks the skins off.

Dump everything out and separate the garlic cloves from the skins.

Now you have peeled garlic that's ready to use!

Where has this tip been all my life!  No special tools and saves so much time!  
I love it!

How To Peel Garlic Easy Way

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  1. Awesome! That's handy to know!

  2. After many years of struggling to peel garlic, my brain kicked into drive and I came up with an easy method. Using a solid and sturdy cutting board,place a clove of garlic on the surface. Whack it hard with the bottom of a sauce pan. The skin comes off easily and the garlic is ready for mincing. Works to break up a complete head of garlic as well.

  3. I knew part of this but not all. I repinned!

  4. Ok, now why havn't we know this all the time. Love it. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this afternoon. Hope to see you there and share this. Hugs, Marty

  5. I just saw this as I was flipping through the channels and Martha Stewart was demonstrating it!! You just made it believable! Visiting you from Marvelous Mondays!

  6. Hello! Newest blog follower here! I love your blog! Thanks for the advice on the garlic...I always wondered how to get the skins off without making my hands smell ALL DAY! ;)

  7. I discovered this weekend when my co-chefs daughter and fiance came over to cook for us that you can buy fresh garlic cloves, peeled but whole, in a bag!! I've seen jars of pre-chopped garlic, but these were whole cloves, ready for you to do with as you please. That's my kind of garlic prep!

    1. I've seen jars of the pre-chopped garlic, but not the whole peeled garlic. I'll have to look for it the next time I go to the store. Thanks Janet!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this! So much easier than smashing then peeling each individual clove, and so SIMPLE! Have a great day :)!

  9. Genius! Gonna try this!
    I'm visiting you today from Sundae Scoop. I co-host a Linky Party Tuesday (open thru Sat) and I'd love for you to link up! I hope you get a chance to stop by, link up and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Join me each Tuesday for Brag About It Link Up Party

  10. Love this! It takes me forever to peel garlic and I cook with garlic a LOT! Found you over on Life on Lakeshore drive's linky party.

  11. This is a great tip. Thanks for sharing with us at What'd You Do This Weekend. Best wishes.

  12. What?! All this time, I've been doing it the hard way lol! Definitely remembering this tip! Thanks so much for sharing at last week's All My Bloggy Friends! I can't wait to see what you share this week :)


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