Diary of A Wimpy Kid Cheese Touch Game

Saturday, my school had a carnival / fun day.  Teachers set up booths and games and families came to play and have a good time.  Our school holds this event twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring, and it's a big fund-raising activity for the school.  I try to do a different game each time.  This year I found this idea for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid themed bean bag toss on Pinterest.  My students love Diary of A Wimpy Kid and I thought a bean bag toss would be easy to do.

My drawing skills aren't the best, but I figured I could draw the character Rowley.  I thought it turned out pretty well, but I was worried that it looked like he only had one arm.

I also made yellow bean bags to look like cheese.  I called the game "Cheese Touch" and the kids had to throw the bean bags and try to get them in Rowley's mouth.  If you haven't read Diary of A Wimpy Kid, the cheese touch is basically a type of cooties which originated from a piece of moldy cheese lying on the basketball court.

Like my students, I've enjoyed reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid and have read all the books in the series.  Apparently, other adults are not as familiar with the books.  I noticed some odd looks from parents as they passed my booth.  It was obvious from their expressions that they were trying to figure out what a "Cheese Touch" was.  I hoped they didn't think it was something weird, sick, or perverted.  However, I was happy to see that the kids got it right away and they loved it!

As far as my concern about Rowley having only one arm, I overheard a parent commenting "He's only got one arm!" and his son immediately said "No dad!  That's the way he's drawn in the book!"  So I figured the game was a success with my target audience. 


  1. Since one of my kids touched me and yelled "Cheese Touch" today, I thought I'd for sure better pin this! Great idea!

  2. I featured you this week and thanks so much for linking every week. I'm joining your party also. Linda



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