Happy Hour #10 Kahlua & Coke Ice Cream Float

This idea for a Kahlua and Coke ice cream float comes from Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage and OMG is it good!  Way better than the vootbeer float I made a couple of weeks ago. 

Just fill a big frosty mug with vanilla ice cream, add a shot of Kahlua, and pour the Coke over the top.  I did it backwards.  I added the Kahlua after the Coke and the Kahlua sank to the bottom.  If you pour the Kahlua in first, and then add the Coke, the Coke fizzes and helps mix the Kahlua in evenly.  Even though I mixed the ingredients in the wrong order, it was still delicious and didn't stop me from enjoying it!


So thank you and a big high five to Gina for sharing this wonderful and delicious treat!

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