Attic Update

Here's a quick update on a previous improvement project.  

Remember how we improved our attic's energy efficiency about a week ago?  Well, it meant dragging everything out of the attic and storing it in the garage so that the insulation could be blown in.  Then my handy husband put in the decking.  It's not pretty, but it works and it's a big improvement over the flattened cardboard boxes that were supporting balancing everything up there before!

Last weekend we moved stuff out of the garage and back up into the attic.  We even managed to get rid of a few things, too.  (I'm the saver / keeper in the family, my husband is better at getting rid of things!)  

The decking really makes it easier to move things around up there and it's so much more organized!


Its nice to finally have everything out of the garage and put away!


  1. I often wondered why they just don't put floor plans in in the first place lol. :)


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