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I started thinking about all the Pinterest projects I've done and how I've been blogging about it for almost half a year!  I just couldn't believe it!  So I thought I'd start something new.  Each month I'll look back on what I've accomplished and what I've learned.  The whole point of this blog is try new things and to hopefully inspire others to do the same.  I certainly have tried a few new things!  Check out the totals to date bellow!

Montly Totals

Crafts - 4
Projects - 3
Recipes - 2

Crafts - 2
Projects - 6
Recipes - 5
Books read - 1

Crafts - 10
Projects - 1
Recipes - 5
Books read - 2

Cocktails - 4
Crafts - 0
Projects -5
Recipes - 9

Totals To Date
Cocktails - 4
Crafts - 16
Projects - 15
Recipes - 21
Books read -3

What I've learned:
  • Writing a blog is time consuming, but it's a nice diversion from my time consuming job.  I'm a teacher, and teaching can quickly take over your life.  Although the same can be said for blogging, it's given me something new to do that's outside of my normal routine and I'm really enjoying that.
  • I'm still learning how to manage fitting completing all these projects and blogging about it into my already busy schedule but . . .
  • I'm getting stuff done!  Blogging has been so motivating!   Before I started blogging, I could usually find a reason or excuse to put something off until later, but there's nothing like a deadline to get things done! 
  • I'm having so much fun!  I've met some really nice people and they've left some wonderful, supportive, and kind comments.  When I started blogging, I really thought people would think this whole idea was dumb, or worse, no one would even read it!  


  1. All of your recipes and projects, crafts and especially the cocktails inspire me! I think you have a beautiful blog and you must have the scheduling down pat, despite what you say!! Your space and presentations here are always flawless. I know what you mean about getting motivated by blogging. It may be an oddity for some it's so true for us bloggers!

    1. Thanks for such kind words! I really appreciate it!


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