Five Pinterest Trends 2013 Could Do Without


I recently came across this article "Five Pinterest Trends 2013 Could Do Without" from the Whatever Blog at Dallas (go here for the full article)

The aticle cited "horrid craft creations" made from the following five materials:

1.  Glitter
Pins with items embellished with glitter are certainly popular on Pinterest whether it's in makeup, manicures, or craft projects.

"Glitter is like the herpes of arts and crafts; you can't get rid of it no matter how hard you try."

This would be a super easy craft for beautiful wine glasses! Could even use a purple glitter to stick with the lavender theme! I'm going to try this out after my vacation, I'll let you know how it goes :)

Mod Podge Glitter Shoes #crafts #modpodge #glitter #diy
from The Moran's

Craft glitter.
source unknown
2.  Mason jars
Mason jars were also very popular craft items that doubled as chandeliers, soap dispensers, organizing tools, and mini terrariums.

Mason jar chandelier
from Catch My Party

mason jar soap dispensers - tutorial. CUTE
from A Pretty Life
Mason jar meals
from Salt & Pepper

3.  Chevrons
Chevron geometric patterns are really trendy right now and can be found on everything from fashion to home decorating. 
chevron chevron chevron!!! chevron chevron chevron!!!
source unknown

chevron chevron chevron.
Chevron cake
from Revel

4. Burlap
On Pinterest, I've even seen burplap pillows and furniture slip covers.  I just think that would be so itchy and not comfortable at all!

Embellish a simple burlap wreath with ornaments and ribbon to create a candy-inspired #christmas wreath!
from Home Depot

burlap burlap burlap
source unknown
burlap envelopes.
from Save On Crafts

5.  Inspirational quotes 

I even found some pins that combine two of these ideas

Glitter & Chevron
Day 4: Chevron Glitter Pumpkin
source unknown

I thought this article was humorous because it's true.  I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and  I've seem many pins with these items.  And I can also tell you, I've pinned my fair share of mason jar and chevron inspired projects, and as mentioned above, I have a whole board for inspirational quotes.  Readers who left comments on the article seemed to think that the article was a bit snobbish. 

What do you think?  Do you agree these items are overused and over-pinned?  What would you add to the list if you could?

Tell me!  I'd love to hear your opinions.


  1. I agree, those trends were all around pinterest. My favorites are the mason jars. Stopping by to say hi from a blog hop!

  2. Who would put burlap on a chair??? I could totally do without that. I do have to admit that I like a lot of the mason jar crafts.

  3. I do too and I have several of them pinned.

  4. I have to agree with all of them but maybe because I am glittered impaired.

  5. OK, I think chevron in moderation is ok. And I LOVE burlap--as an accent. I have a few burlap inspired projects I'm considering. And as far as glitter...if the writer of the article spent any time on pinterest pinning useful household tips, she'd know that a lint roller will get rid of all traces of glitter. It's like the glitter vaccine ;)

  6. Great idea! I'll remember that for my next glitter project!

  7. I don't think I'll ever get tired of glitter pics, but I agree about the Chevron. Oh and the mason jar thing is annoying. People act like they grow on trees or something. They aren't that cheap. Oh and a little burlap is ok, but a whole chair? Who would even sit on that?

  8. I agree with some of the comments that I like chevrons but the burlap chair - I don't think I could ever get on board with that!

  9. Interesting article. I actually like all of those trends, but agree some do go overboard. I also agree that I don't think I would ever cover a chair with burlap.

  10. I really shouldn't judge it because I wore hypercolor shirts and tight-rolled my jeans way past when it was fashionable. :) I'm your newest follower from the Handy Andy blog hop!

  11. The glitter and the chevron need to go now. Save the glitter for winter HOLIDAY crafting only please. Mason jars crafts/decor = good recycling. I like burlap as accent material.

  12. Oh shoot. On today's schedule, I was going to make glittery chevron mason jars with burlap lids! Hehe:) Just kidding! Thank you for bringing this to Whimsy Wednesday!

    Kelly from Smart School House

  13. I kind of like the mason jar projects myself, lol! ;)

  14. Ha great post I agree wit the just doesn't photograph well or something. Tired of mason jars too. Thanks for linking up on Made in a Day!

  15. There have been a lot of them around but Pinterest has so increased the speed at which trends move that we're sure to be overloading on something else before you know it, Alice

  16. 1-3, yes! Way overpinned. 4, I'm not sure. 5 can never be overpinned. I LOVE quotes.


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