Holiday Pretzel Treats

You'll need:
Hershey's kisses
small pretzels

1.  Heat oven to 175 degrees.
2.   Lay the pretzels on a cookie sheet.
3.  Place an unwrapped Hershey's kiss on each pretzel.
4.  Place the pretzels and kisses in the oven for about five minutes, just long enough to soften the Hershey's kisses.
5.  Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and while the Hershey's kisses are still warm, place an M&M on each kiss.  
6.  Allow to cool on the cookie sheet.  You can place the cookie sheet in the refrigerator for faster cooling.

The combination of the salty pretzels and the sweet chocolate is perfect!  If you make it, this snack won't last long!  I put it in gift bags and gave to friends.


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