Christmas Gifts

Before Christmas, I made a wish list so friends and family visiting my boards could get some gift ideas.  I love how easy Pinterest makes gift giving.  Even if someone doesn't have a specific "Wish List" board, you can still get a sense of someone's likes and interests by browsing their boards and pins.  

I'm hoping you had a wonderful holiday, spent enjoyable time with family and friends, and got everything on your wish list.  Here are a few things that I received:
Christmas With The Puppini Sisters   CD at Amazon
Christmas with the Puppini Sisters
I got a new holiday CD to add to my collection.  The Puppini Sisters are a 40's style harmony group (think the Andrews Sisters).  They sing older songs from the 40's, but they cover modern songs too.  I love they way they sing classic Christmas songs.   
TARDIS water bottle
I'm a huge Doctor Who fan so I'll love using my new aluminum water bottle (in my favorite color, blue) complete with pictures of the TARDIS.  


  1. I've never heard of that harmony group before! I would love that and need to look them up. Thank you!
    Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,


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