I love Pinterest

I love Pinterest.  I have an insatiable interest in and devotion to Pinterest.  I am a junkie - a pin junkie.

I am often amazed by the creative ideas that are collected and pinned on Pinterest.  There are some truly talented people out there.  Sadly, I'm not one of them.  I consider myself to be "stylistically impaired."  I get too comfortable in my routines rut and I often lack the novel ideas to jump start something new.  Now with Pinterest, that's no longer a problem.

I have hundreds of ideas collected on my Pinterest boards.  I tell myself I'll get to these project later when I have time.  As a working mom, I never have time.  So I've decided I'm just going to make the time. 

I don't want my boards to be a collection of pretty pictures and wishful thinking.  I want my boards to be true inspiration boards that inspire action.  Less pinning and more doing!

If you are are a fellow pin junkie, I hope you'll stay awhile and share the love in all things Pinterest.  Welcome!


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