Navajo Tacos

Navajo Tacos
Navajo Tacos

It's fair time and that means time to enjoy your favorite fried foods!  One of my all time favorite fair foods is Navajo tacos, also called Indian tacos.  I realize many people have probably never heard of Navajo tacos.  It's a unique dish to my area and a local favorite.  Usually when you order one of these tacos, the fry bread is as big as the plate and its almost impossible to eat the whole thing.  It also comes with a healthy serving of red or green chili.  The secret to these tacos is the fry bread.  It's basically fried dough.  And its good.  You can eat the fry bread plain or add honey much like a sopapilla or enjoy it with a dusting of powdered sugar, but I like my fry bread served with the taco toppings.  Do you have a favorite fair food such as candy apples, cotton candy, or funnel cake?  I like them all!

If you'd like to try Navajo tacos, just use the recipe below.
Indian Fry Bread
 Fry bread - the secret to great Navajo tacos!


Fry Bread
1 1/4 cup flour
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup milk
2 cups vegetable oil for frying

1 pund ground beef
1 can (15 oz.) kidney beans, rinsed
1 packet (1.5 oz) low salt taco seasoning mix
3/4 cup water
4 Tablespoons tomato paste

cheddar cheese, shredded
lettuce, chopped
onions, diced
tomatoes, diced

1.  Mix flour, baking powder, and salt in a mixing bowl.  Add milk.  Mix together to form dough.  Kneed on lightly floured surface for five minutes or until smooth ball forms.  Let dough rest.

2.  Brown beef in skillet.  Drain.  Add taco seasoning and water to skillet and stir into the beef.  Cover and simmer on low heat about 10 minutes.  Add drained kidney beans and tomato paste.  Stir well.  Keep covered on low heat stirring occasionally

3.  Cut ball of dough in half.  With hands or rolling pin, flatten the dough.  It should look like pizza dough and be about 1/2 inch thick.

4.  In separate skillet, heat vegetable oil.  Gently place flattened dough one at a time into the hot oil.  Cook dough for about one minute or until it just begins to turn golden brown.  Using tongs, turn the dough over and cook the other side 30 seconds to a minute.  Place on paper towels to drain excess oil.

5.  While fry bread is hot, top with warm chili, cheese, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes.


Navajo Tacos

Another great way to enjoy tacos!

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Pin Junkie Pin Party #85

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Here's what I've been up to this week:

paint-stenciled-cocktail-tray how to-cut-corn-off-cob the-silver-blade-by-sally-gardner

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There were so many great projects shared at last week's party!  Thanks to everyone for sharing your projects, recipes and tips.  I can't wait to see what you will share this week!  But first, take a look at some features from last week's party.

Mulled Apple Cider
by Nicole at Confectionalism

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 Wall Photo Frame
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 Brownie Cheesecake Bars
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pottery barn -knock-off-hanging-ghosts
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apple cinnamon sweet rolls
Apple Cinnamon Rolls
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The Silver Blade by Sally Gardner

The Silver Blade by Sally Gardner
The Silver Blade by Sally Gardner

The Silver Blade by Sally Gardner is the riveting sequel to The Red Necklace.  The characters continue their stories during the turbulent upheaval of the French Revolution.  Yann Margoza is in France helping aristocrats to escape the country and avoid execution.  Meanwhile, Sidonie de Villeduval, the woman he loves, is in England.  More than anything, Yann and Sido want to build a life together.  But Yann discovers secrets about his past and his identity which cause opposition from Sido's family to marry and Yann must find a way to overcome his past while Sido must choose the direction of her future.  The Silver Blade is a novel for young adults, but there's something for readers of all ages to enjoy.  The Silver Blade is historical fiction filled with captivating action and adventure, it's a love story with romance, and it's a fairy tale with magic and evil villains like Count Kalliovski.  It's often difficult to create a sequel that's as good as the original, but Sally Gardner has succeeded.  The characters are portrayed well, the setting is richly illustrated, and the writing is superb.  This is a book you will want to buy to read again and again!


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Easy Way To Cut Corn Off The Cob

Easy Way To Cut Corn Off The Cob
Easy Way To Cut Corn Off The Cob

Where was this great idea when I had a little kid who was missing his two front teeth or a kid who had braces?  Both situations make it really difficult to eat corn on the cob!  I no longer have the little kid (he's in college now!) but I recently had leftover corn on the cob and wanted to use it in another meal.  I remembered seeing this clever idea on Pinterest and realized I had a great opportunity to try it out.  Just put the ear of corn in a bundt pan and cut the corn off the cob with a knife.  The pan keeps the corn cob from moving while you're cutting and the corn falls neatly into the pan.  What a great way to quickly and easily cut corn without a big mess.  Brilliant!

Find many more tips and tricks to make life easier in the DIY gallery

Inspired by this pin for easy way to cut corn off the cob.

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Paint A Stenciled Cocktail Tray

Paint A Stenciled Cocktail Tray
Paint A Stenciled Cocktail Tray

This is a sponsored post from FolkArt, Plaid, and Blueprint Social.  I received materials and compensation to create a project.  Finished project, text, and opinions are my own.

I found this tray at a yard sale.  I really had no idea what I was going to do with it, but knew I had to have it because of its pretty shape.  I decided to paint it using FolkArt Stencils & Paints and I love how it turned out!

Wood Cocktail Tray

Here are the materials I used:

 FolkArt Stencil1 in Mum design
FolkArt multi-surface paint in Titanium White and Steel Gray
 FolkArt stencil adhesive
a paint brush


First, I gave the tray a coat of primer and let it dry.  Then I painted the tray with one coat of FolkArt Titanium White paint and let it dry.  I love using FolkArt multi-surface paints because they work on many surfaces and the non-toxic formula is water based for easy clean up.

Plaid FolkArt Paint

Next, I applied the stencil adhesive to the back of the stencil.  This is a really important step because the adhesive keeps the stencil from moving while you're painting and ensures that you get nice clean lines on your stenciled design.  I was glad the adhesive was repositionable since I needed to move it a few times to make sure I placed it right in the center of the tray. 

Stencil Adhesive

After I placed the stencil on the tray, I used two coats of FolkArt Steel Gray for the stencil pattern.  After painting, I carefully removed the stencil and allowed the paint to dry.

Plaid FolkArt Paint

That's all there is to it!  FolkArt stencils and paints really make painting projects easy!  Here's the before and after.  I love the shape of the tray and now I love it even more with a new coat of paint and a pretty design.  There's just something really satisfying about updating something that's old and shabby and making it pretty again.

Wood Tray Painted Wood Tray

If you'd like to try the new FolkArt paints and stencils they're available at Michaels.

Paint A Stenciled Cocktail Tray

Check out more great ways to use FolkArt stencils.

For more great crafting ideas and inspiration visit Plaid.
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