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There were so many great projects shared at last week's party!  Thanks to everyone for sharing your projects, recipes and tips.  I can't wait to see what you will share this week!  But first, take a look at some features from last week's party.

acai berry bowl recipe
by Diane at Vintage Zest

by Leslie at Lamberts Lately

by Taylor at Food Faith Fitness

by Lisa at  Cooking With Curls


By Celeste at This Silly Girl's Life

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Hobby Holster Glue Gun Holder - A Must Have Craft Tool

Hobby Holster Glue Gun Holder - A Must Have Craft Tool
craft organization glue gun holder

If you're a regular reader of The Pin Junkie, then you already know that I love crafting.  I use my glue gun a lot and I hate the way it always falls over when I set it down.  This Hobby Holster is a great solution.  It's made of heavy duty silicone that clings to all kinds of surfaces, it holds a glue gun and extra glue sticks, it hangs off the side of my work area to keep my crafting space clutter free, and best of all it keeps my glue gun exactly where I want it!

hobby holster glue gun holder

I wish a I had a beautiful craft space like the ones I've seen on Pinterest.  Instead, most of my crafting happens at the kitchen table or at the kitchen counter.  The Hobby Holster clings securely to my wooden kitchen table with no problem!

glue gun holder hobby holster

The secret to the Hobby Holster's incredible grip is the smooth surface on the back.  It will cling to all kinds of surfaces that are smooth and non-porous.  Since it just clings, it's super simple to move to a new location.

glue gun holder silicone

It clings to my kitchen counter really well too!

glue gun holder

I love that I can set craft supplies that tend to roll away like glue sticks and beads on the Hobby Holster and they stay in place.  There's also a handy measuring guide along the side too.  Don't worry if the Hobby Holster gets glue on it because the glue easily peels off once it has cooled.

glue gun holder

The Hobby Holster is heat resistant so it's perfect for glue guns, but Holster Brands also makes Holsters for hair styling tools like flat irons.  They even have Holsters for the kitchen like this handy sponge holder.

sponge holder kitchen sink

Aren't these the coolest?  I love anything that helps me stay organized.  I've been going through the house to see what else these Holsters will stick to and other ways I can use them.  I love the glue gun holder and I'm so happy that Holster Brands gave me the chance to try it out.  If you'd like more information about Holster Brands and all the neat Holsters they have, visit Holster online.

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Spring Garden Tour

Spring Garden Tour
spring garden tour

I absolutely love flowers and I've planted as many as I can in my yard.  I'd still like to have more, but I live in a very hot and dry climate so it's always a challenge to get things to grow.  We've been getting an unusual amount of rain this spring and my yard is loving it!  My flowers have never looked better and the yard is exploding with color!  I've been enjoying all these pretty blossoms right along with the birds, bees, and hummingbirds.  I'd love to take you on a tour and show you my beautiful flowers. Would you like to take a look?

In the front yard, these pretty desert primroses are blooming.  
They look their best first thing in the morning and are such a delicate shade of pink.

desert primrose

I have bright pink "knock out" roses in the front yard too.  
I was lucky to get this picture before the heavy rain and hail knocked most of the petals off. 

knock out rose

I also have lavender growing in the front yard.  
I love the color and it smells so good!  The bees like it too!


Right next to the lavender is pink salvia which also smells lovely.  
The hummingbirds really like this one.

pink sage salvia

On the side of the house, a dove has made her nest in a tree. 

dove nest

She has two little pink eggs that she's taking care of.
Hopefully they'll hatch soon.

dove eggs

This is also where my herb garden is.  
All the herbs have grown so much, they're barely contained in their small plot. 


I made these plant markers a few years ago for the herb garden.  
They're really easy to make!  (directions here)

The bees love the sage in the herb garden too.

bee in sage flower

I also have another small rose bush here with red roses.

red rose

In the backyard red valerian is blooming.

red valerian jupiter's beard

I have it in white too.

white valerian jupiters beard

This purple catmint is another one the bees like.


These yellow flowers smell like chocolate and are at their prettiest and most fragrant in the morning.

chocolate flower

There's another rose bush in the backyard.  This one has gigantic pink blooms!

pink rose

I love my little pot of violas.  They're so dainty and I love the vibrant colors!


I've seen a few hummingbirds already, so I need to hurry up and put my hummingbird feeder out.  I haven't seen my free range backyard turtles yet.  Hopefully they'll be done hibernating and roaming about soon.

Thanks for coming along on a tour of my spring garden.  Hopefully spring has sprung were you live and you're enjoying some beautiful spring colors as well!

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