Monogram Art Jewelry Organizer

Monogram Art Jewelry Organizer
 Monogram Art Jewelry Organizer

I’ve seen a lot of monogram art on Pinterest and I was inspired to make my own.  You can put a monogram on just about anything, but I really love the way a big, bold letter or text with an interesting font can be used as art.  I found this letter "B" at the craft store and used a picture frame and materials I already had to make this monogram art jewelry organizer.  It's a really easy project that only takes about 30 minutes or less to put together.

Initial Art Monogram Art

box frame

Monogram Art Initial Art

Cut out a piece of fabric and glue it to the back insert of the photo frame. 

Decorate your monogram letter any way you choose.  I used small flowers.

Glue the letter onto the fabric lined frame insert making sure to center it.

Monogram Art Inititial Art

Pop it into the frame.

You can stop here and have a really pretty piece of monogrammed art.  I decided to add some hooks to the bottom to make it functional as well as pretty.

picture frame jewelry organizer diy

Along the bottom of the frame, measure equal distances for the hooks.  Mark with a pencil so you can easily erase the marks.  Then drill guide holes.

picture frame jewelry organizer diy

Screw cup hooks into the pilot holes.

Now you have a really pretty place to hold jewelry!

Monogram Art Jewelry Organizer

Monogram Art Jewelry Organizer

Monogram Art Jewelry Organizer


  1. Looks so beautiful and neat. But who has these few necklaces. Women are accessories freak :D .


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