The Pin Junkie: December 2014

Olive Garden Breadsticks

Olive Garden Breadsticks
Olive Garden Breadsticks

I don't go to Olive Garden very often, but when I do, I'm happy eating just the salad and breadsticks.  I don't need to order anything else on the menu!  I've seen lots of copy-cat recipes on Pinterest for the Olive Garden breadsticks and decided to give it a try, because who wouldn't want to have those buttery, garlicky carbsticks . . um . . I mean breadsticks at home anytime you want? 

These breadsticks were good, but I'll be honest, they weren't quite the same breadsticks from Olive Garden and it was totally my fault.  I went a little crazy with the herb topping and Olive Garden breadsticks don't have that much oregano.  I also couldn't get the breadsticks in that perfectly uniform shape, but I guess I'd be ok if they didn't look like the real thing as long as they tasted like the real thing.  And they didn't taste like the real thing because I completely forgot to add the butter in the recipe!  So clearly, I need to try this recipe again!  Despite not tasting exactly like Olive Garden breadsticks, they were still pretty good and everybody enjoyed them.  I'm hoping next time I can get the recipe right and they'll be even better!

Olive Garden Breadsticks

Looking for more copy-cat recipes?
These Red Loster Cheddar Biscuits are fantastic!

Olive Garden breadsticks were inspired by this pin and this pin.

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Best Pinterest Inspired Recipes of 2014

The Best Pinterest Inspired Recipes
The Best Pinterest Recipes

Did you know that recipes are one of the most popular topics on Pinterest?  I love making new recipes and 2014 was certainly a great year for discovering delicious Pinterest inspired recipes.  I tried new recipes for main dishes, snacks, side dishes, and desserts and loved every single one of them!  I think it's pretty amazing that I tried so many new recipes and didn't get a single dud!  To see a complete list of all the Pinterest inspired recipes I've tried over the years, be sure to visit my recipe index.  Here are some of my favorite Pinterest recipes from 2014.  (I also worked really hard in 2014 to improve my food photography.  Can you tell?)




Greek Salad Recipe




chocolate-banana-muffin recipe


chicken-tenders-with-honey mustard sauce

make your own taco seasoning

healthy chocolate-chip-cookie-dough skinny recipe






Nutella Hot Chocolate

starbucks-passion-tea-lemonade recipe

cinnamon-sugar-candied-nuts recipe

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach is a fantastic book!  I seriously could not put it down!  Don't worry, if you've already seen the movie (which is also excellent by the way!)  The novel is definitely worth reading and very different from the film.

The story is about a group of seniors from England who travel to a retirement community, The Marigold Hotel, in Bangalore, India.  They each come for different reasons, but many of them have found that their retirement savings will not last as long as they had hoped.  The Marigold Hotel promises luxury retirement living with a full staff including an on call doctor (who is not what he appears to be.)  Though the hotel is not quite as luxurious as was promised in the brochure (phones and electricity don't always work and the place is a little shabby) strong friendships are quickly forged and India has a dramatic and profound influence on each of the characters as they begin a new chapter of their lives.

The eccentric British characters are well written, well developed, and thoroughly entertaining.  Norman's character is especially funny.   Norman is a dirty old man who has been thrown out of several retirement homes and now makes life difficult for his daughter and her husband, which is why they decide to send him to The Marigold Hotel.  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a poignant novel full of humor and the unexpected.

Also by Deborah Moggach:

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Beautiful Christmas Crafts

Beautiful Christmas Crafts
Beautiful Christmas Crafts

Need some fresh ideas for Christmas decorating?  Check out these beautiful Christmas crafts.  Don't worry if you're running short on time this year, you can always pin your favorite ideas for next year. (Just be sure to pin from the original source!)  Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree Topiary
by Michelle at A Dish of Daily Life

wine-cork-craft bottle brush Christmas trees
 Simple Wine Cork Trees
by Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe 

 Tiny Cardboard Gingerbread Houses
by Cassie at Little Red Window

Giant Believe Door Sign
by Ginger at Gingerly Made

reusable christmas-gift-bags
Stamped Christmas Bags

christmas-nativity starry night
 Starry Night Christmas Nativity
by Mindi at My Love 2 Create 

diy advent-wreath
 Advent Wreath

dollar store craft advent-calendar
Advent Calendar
by Holly at McCall Manor

 Berry Monogram Wreath
by Cindy at DIY Beautify 

square christmas-wreath
 Merry Christmas Wreath
by Havalah at Sisters What!

Fox Holiday Wreath
by Kim at Made In A Day

 Peace on Earth Globe

Christmas Snowflake Marquee Sign
by Cassie at Little Red Window

 Christmas Mantle

 Free Christmas Chalkboard Printable
by Heather at The Vintage Sheet

diy star-tree-topper-template
Star Tree Topper

how to make pinecone-ornaments
DIY Pinecone Ornaments

diy christmas snow-globes
Christmas Snow globes
by Andrew & Dennis at The Crafty Lumberjacks

free christmas printable merry-little-christmas
Merry Little Christmas Printable

merry-christmas-free printable
 Be Merry Christmas Printable
by Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe

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