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Friday Link Party #52

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Here's what I've been up to this week:
valentine specimen art
chocolate covered strawberry roses

There were so many great Valentine projects at last week's party, they needed their own feature!  There are over 30 Valentine recipes, crafts, and printables from some incredibly talented bloggers that you won't want to miss!
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There were so many great projects shared at last week's party!  Thanks to everyone for sharing your projects, recipes and tips.  I can't wait to see what you will share this week!  But first, take a look at some features from last week's party.
Elegant wood art
Ikea hack upholstered headboard
by Aniko at Place Of My Taste
DIY Coffee Filter Wreath
by Sherri at Luv a Bargain

Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day Crafts
Valentine's Day Crafts

Every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. MST The Pin Junkie hosts a linky party.  I love looking through the projects that are linked up and I'm always impressed with the projects and recipes that are shared!  There are some really talented bloggers who make some amazing things!  If you're not visiting some of the links at the party, you are really missing out!  So be sure to take a minute to check out a few of the projects that are shared each week!  Valentine's Day will be here soon and there have been some fantastic Valentine themed deserts, crafts, and printables that have been shared at the last couple of parties.  Take a look!

 Chocolate Valentines Day Cupcakes with Fluffy Frosting
Chocolate Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Raspberry Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream Frosting
Raspberry Cupcakes
by Mary Ellen at Recipes, Food & Cooking

easy low calorie chocolate cupcakes from scratch
Easy low calerie cupcakes

strawberry cream cheese cookie cups
Strawberry Cream Cheese cookie cups

Chocolate Covered Cookie Caramels
Chocolate Covered Cookie Caramels

Mini Valentine Ombre Cakes
Mini Valentine Ombre Cakes

Valentine Sandwich cookies
Valentine sandwich cookies

Brownie Bites
Tuxedo Brownie Bites
by Melanie at Feeding My Giant

Valentine Parfait Dessert
Valentine Dessert

Vintage Chocolate Box Door Decor
Vintage Chocolate Box Door Decor
by Andrew and Dennis at The Crafty Lumberjacks

Stitched Heart Valentine Tags
Stitched Heart Valentine Tags
by Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe

Valentine's Day burlap gift bags
Valentine's Day burlap gift bags

Easy Valentines Heart Treat Pouches with Printables
Easy Valentine Treat Pouches with Printables
by Natasha at The Artisan Life

Printable Word Search Valentines
Printable Word Search Valentines
by Shelley at Paper Charm

Valentines Day Printable Treat Bags
Printable Treat Bags

Sea Creature Valentine Printables
Sea Creature Valentines with Printables
by Haley at Haley's Daily Blog

Printable Valentine's Day Subway Art
Printable Valentine Subway Art
by Shelley at Paper Charm

tootsie pop valentine silhouette
Valentine super tootsie pops
by Heidi at One Creative Mommy

Teacher Valentine Gift Chalkboard Printable
Chalkboard Teacher Valentine
by by Haley at Haley's Daily Blog

pallet valentine sign
Mini pallet Valentine sign
by Cindy at DIY Beautify

Printable Valentines Day Chalkboard Banner
Be Mine Printable Valentine Chalkboard Banner
by Cassie at Little Red Window

Valentines Day Weath
Valentine Wreath 

Valentine Rag Heart Wreath
Valentine Rag Heart Wreath
by Phyllis at Grandparents Plus

Candy Heart Wreath
Candy Heart Wreath 

love never fails sign
Love Never Fails sign
by Cindy at DIY Beautify

Heart Art
 Heart art
by Amy at Homey Oh My!

Monster Valentine Box for School
Monster Valentine Box
by Elena at Craftibilities

Valentine Craft Dish Towels Dollar Tree Syle
Valentine Dish Towels

Valentine Hat Knitting Pattern
Valentine Knitted Hat
by Cassie at Little Red Window

Free Valentine Fonts
Free Valentine Fonts

free printable Valentine's Day tags
Free printable Valentine's tags

free valentines party printables
Free Valentine's party printables

Valentine's Day Crafts

How To Keep Your Pinterest Boards Organized

How To Keep Your Pinterest Boards Organized
How To Organize Pinterest Boards

I'm a big believer in actually using the things you pin on Pinterest.  If your boards are disorganized, it will be hard to find the things you're looking for and you'll be less likely to try all those new recipes, craft ideas, and DIY projects.   I really believe that Pinterest should be about doing the things you pin and having organized boards can help you do that!  Here are six easy steps that can help you organize your Pinterest boards.

1.  Arrange your boards in alphabetic order.
If your boards are not currently in alphabetic order, don't worry.  It's easy to rearrange and move your existing boards.  Just click and hold on the board and drag it where you want it. *UPDATE - The mobile version of Pinterest won't let you drag boards, so you won't be able to do this on your phone or ipad.  You'll need to use a laptop.  Also, the older version of Pinterest requires you to save your boards after moving them. Once you arrange your boards, click the save button. (I don't remember if it's at the top or bottom of the page.) You can also update to the newest version of Pinterest so that when you arrange your boards, they will stay in place without saving them. To switch to the newest version of Pinterest, click on your profile name on the top right of your Pinterest page. A drop down menu will appear. Select "Switch To New Look." This should give you the new version of Pinterest.

2.  Make your boards specific.
Boards names and topics should be really specific.  This eliminates the mental anguish of finding a pin and not being able to decide which board to pin it on.  Occasionally I'll find a pin that fits on more than one board and I'll just go ahead and pin it twice. 

3.  Make subcategories.
If you have a board that holds many pins, consider making a new board as a subcategory.  For example, I had a lot of pins on my craft board.  With so many pins in one place, it was hard to find what I was looking for.  I made new boards with subcategories like "Crafts-paper" "Crafts-Christmas" and "Crafts-jewelry"  Currently, offering subcategories within an existing board isn't something that Pinterest offers, but it may be something that is offered in the future.  If you think this is a good idea and it's something you'd like to see on Pinterest you can vote for it here.  You can also vote for other features here.

4.  Create good covers for boards.
Once you've got your boards alphabetically arranged and organized, make things even easier to find by creating really good covers for your boards.  Having a great picture that shows exactly what the board is all about will help you visually find things faster.  Pinterest automatically creates covers for each board, but  changing board covers is easy.  Just hover over a board and select "change cover."  Use the arrows to scroll through pins on that board.  When you find just the right cover, select "save changes." 

5.  Don't double pin.
Pinning an idea more than once can quickly clutter up your boards.  Pinterest now notifies you when you are about to pin something you've previously pinned.  This feature wasn't available when I first started using Pinterest.  If you were an early user of Pinterest, you may want to go back through your boards and delete any pin that is pinned to a board more than once. 

6.  Like before you pin.
When you hover over a pin, three icons pop up.  You can "pin," "send," or "like" a pin.  I almost always click the heart icon to "like" a pin.  Then later, I scroll through my likes to pin something to a specific board.  This ensures that only things I really love are pinned to each of my boards 

Do you have question about using Pinterest?  Leave a comment to me know!

how to get invited to pinterest group boards

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

Chocolate covered strawberries are a special treat for Valentine's Day.  This year, how about adding a little something extra and making chocolate covered strawberry roses?  They are not much harder to make than regular chocolate covered strawberries.

You will need:
fresh strawberries
wooden skewers
white chocolate
red food coloring
a piping bag & decorating tip

Wash and rinse the strawberries.  Make sure they are 100% dry before dipping them in chocolate.  If the strawberries are wet, the chocolate won't stick to them.  Then poke a wooden skewer through the top of each strawberry.

Dip the strawberry in melted white chocolate.

Allow the chocolate to cool and harden.  
Here's another trick I learned from Pinterest, though it was originally used for cake pops:  use a colander to hold the strawberries while the chocolate dries. 

Once each strawberry was dipped in chocolate, I mixed in a few drops of red food coloring to the leftover chocolate, spooned it into a piping bag, and piped it onto the strawberries.  If you don't have a piping bag, you could try using a plastic bag and cut the tip off of a corner, but I think a piping bag would work much better. 
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

By the time I was finished, 
I had a whole bouquet of chocolate covered strawberry roses!
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

They're almost too pretty to eat!
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Roses

Find out how to keep strawberries fresh
 with this simple trick!
how to keep strawberries fresh

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