The Pin Junkie: February 2013

Friday Link Party #6

Happy Friday everyone!  Last week things were not so good, but this week was better.  My son is fully recovered from the flu.  No one else got sick.  My computer and memory card are friends once again.  The door got installed in the laundry room.  And I have two weeks off from work for spring break!  Life is good!  I plan on finishing up that laundry room so I can show you the big reveal soon!
This week I shared how I'm collecting many delicious recipes from Pinterest and how I'm storing and organizing my recipes here.
how to organize recipes

I also added a new recipe index page so that you can quickly find recipes that I've tried and liked from Pinterest.  Here are some new recipes that were added this week.

Chocolate Chip Raspberries
chocolate chip raspberries

Lemon Garlic Spaghetti
lemon garlic spaghetti

Finally, this week I shared an easy DIY project for a Butterfly Bell Jar.
butterfly bell jar

Thanks to everyone who linked up during last week's party.  It was a great party with some fabulous features.  Take a look!

diy menu board
DIY Menu Board from Marilyn at 4 You With Love

homemade peanut butter cups
I love chocolate & peanut butter - it's my all time favorite!  Shauna at The Best Blog Recipes shows how to make your own peanut butter cups.  YUM!

family style exploding box
Donna from HoliMess shares how to make a Family Style Exploding Box

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Lemon Garlic Spaghetti

As I mentioned earlier this week, I'm collecting a lot of really good new recipes from Pinterest and this recipe for Lemon Garlic Spaghetti from I Nom Things is no exception. 


You know those nights when you're really hungry, but don't really have anything in the kitchen to cook, and you don't want to spend a lot of time cooking it even if you did?  This is what you need.  If you can boil water, you can do this.  Cook pasta.  Toast pine nuts.  Cook garlic in olive oil.  Shred parmesan cheese.  Mix it all together.  Add a little lemon juice.  It's good.  It's easy.  You'll like it.  Go to I Nom Things for the full recipe (but it's really that easy!)

And if you're looking for more great recipes, be sure to check out my recipe index page where you can easily find all the recipes I've tried (and liked) from Pinterest.

Butterfly Bell Jar

Butterfly Terrarium
Butterfly Bell Jar

I love going to estate sales.  Is it just me, or do you kind of get a rush and your pulse quickens when you find something really good?  I love it!  At an estate sale I bought a bell jar for $3.00.  I didn't know what I was going to do with it.  I just wanted it because I love bell jars and for $3.00 I figured I couldn't go wrong.  Later on Pinterest, I saw this pin and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.
I made mine it in about 30 minutes and only spent $5.00 for the materials!

Materials you will need:
a glass bell jar
a twig
pre-wired butterflies
gloves (optional)
pliers (optional)

First, I got a twig from my back yard.  I looked for one that had a few branches growing off of it and would also fit inside the bell jar.  You can always cut or break off pieces if you need to in order for it to fit in the jar.


Next, I spent about $2.00 and bought a package of pre-wired butterflies at Hobby Lobby in the floral department. 


Then I wrapped the wire around the end of  the twig.  You may want to use some pliers to help wrap the wire or use some gloves to protect your hands since the end of the wire can be sharp.

After you've attached all the butterflies to the twig, just set it inside the bell jar.  Then sit back, admire your work of art, and smile at all the compliments you're sure to get!  It doesn't get any easier than that!

Butterfly Bell Jar

How I organize my recipes

How To Organize Recipes
I'm getting a lot a great new recipes from Pinterest.  For the most part, most of the recipes I've tried have turned out really well.  And with all these great new recipes, I needed a new way to store them.

In the past, I've written my recipes on 3x5 cards and stored them in a file box.  My file box was getting really full which made it hard to find what I needed.  I also didn't want to to redo all my 3x5 cards.  I bought four new file boxes at Walmart for $1.00 each.  Now I have more room for my 3x5 recipe cards, its easier to find things, and I didn't have spend any time rewriting or retyping any recipes!

How To Organize Recipes

I also started a binder (idea from Pinterest of course) for recipes I find online.  I just print out the recipe, put it in a plastic page protector, and it goes in the binder.

How To Organize Recipes

Here's a recipe I found on Pinterest for Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms.  It was something I liked and plan to make again, so it went in the binder.

How To Organize Recipes
I still have lots of recipes I've pulled out of magazines that aren't organized.  I'm really tempted to just take them all and throw them in the trash rather than spending hours trying to get them organized.  That's one of the things I love about Pinterest - you can collect all those recipes without the paper clutter!

I've also organized the recipes here on my blog!  Now you can find a recipe quickly on the the Recipe Index page.

Chocolate Chip Raspberries

Chocolate chip raspberries recipe
Chocolate Chip Raspberries

I found this idea and Pinterest and it looked easy enough.  Just tuck some chocolate chips into fresh raspberries for a really delicious snack!  I used semi-sweet and white chocolate chips.  If you could find dark chocolate chips, those would be yummy too.  These were really easy to do and didn't last long.  We ate them right up!

Pin Jinkie Happy Hour #7: Mocha Martini

I'm getting a bit discouraged.  I haven't liked the last few drinks I've made.

This wasn't a Pinterest recipe, it came from the back of the creme de cocao bottle.  I'm trying to use the ingredients I have before I buy more.  It's a drink I've never had before, so even though it didn't come from Pinterest, it still counts as trying something new.  It wasn't bad, but I can think of quite a few drinks that I like better.

I'm putting it on the yuck list.

Mocha Martini
2 1/2 parts vodka
1 part creme de cacao
1/2 kahlua

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.  Shake for at last ten seconds.  Strain into a chilled martini glass.

Anyway, for anyone who's keeping score, here's what I've liked and not not liked so far:

Yuck List
Yum List

Friday Link Party #5

Well, I made it to Friday.  It's been a rough week at the Pin Junkie household.  My son came down with the flu on Monday and felt really rotten all week.  I'm hoping he feels better soon.  It's hard to see him so miserable.  I'm also crossing my fingers no one else in our house gets it!  My laptop and my camera's memory card decided they don't want to be friends anymore.  The laptop won't read the memory card, so I can't upload any pictures.  I'm hoping  I can get that resolved over the weekend so I can share more with you next week.  The good news is a door is being replaced in the laundry room this weekend as part of the laundry room makeover so I'll hopefully have the big reveal to share with you soon!

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week.  It was a great party with some fabulous features.  Take a look!

how to eat without spending money

home organization cabinets & drawers

heart shaped brownies

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Laundry Room Makeover

Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you how we were adding insulation and decking in our attic and I promised you some more home improvement projects?  Well, here's one of them!  I really debated about posting this now.  It's not finished yet and part of me wants to show the complete before and after.  But I'm really excited about how much progress we've made and I'm so excited to share it with you!

This pin on my Laundry Room Pinterest inspiration board really helped me get this project started.  I have a very small laundry room with hardly any storage space.  The laundry bags hanging on wall mounted hooks seemed like a great solution.

Image from Amazon

Here's what the laundry room looked like before we started.  Very small and not a lot of storage space.  Very plain and utilitarian.  An old leaky door that let in cold air and had a huge ugly pet door.  The laundry room is in between the dining room and garage.  It has three doors: one that opens to the main part of the house, one that opens to outside, and one that opens to the garage.  That's a lot of doors for such a small space!

And here's what laundry day typically looks like.  See why I wanted the hanging laundry bags?  After the laundry is sorted, it can be put in the bags and hung out of the way!

We started by replacing the trim around the door.  Whoever lived here before us had a dog that must have chewed or clawed it up. 

We've lived here for eight years.  For eight years I've looked at that and told my self I would do something about it and never did.  I can't tell you how good it feels to finally have that fixed and taken care of!  

Replacing the trim was really easy and I wish we'd done it sooner!  Here's what it looks like now.  It looks so much better!

Replacing the trim around the door was much easier than I thought it would be, and after getting that finished, I was fired up to move on to the next step.  We installed bead board and trim to the walls for a few reasons:
  • I love the look of bead board!
  • I thought it would be a good way to dress up some very plain and boring walls.
  • The hooks for the laundry bags will be mounted in the bead board trim. 
  • The door to the garage always bumps into the wall and the door knob damages the drywall.  The drywall has already been repaired once.  Hopefully the bead board will protect the wall and prevent any more damage.

We installed the bead board and it really does add some interest to these plain boring walls.

I really love it!  It makes such a huge difference!

After caulking everything, I painted the trim and the walls.  I'm terrible at picking paint colors.  Everything in my house that I've painted is some sort of beige (because it goes with everything and it's safe).  You can see here I'm trying to figure out which shade of beige I should use.  

I think I've decided I'm going with the lightest beige on the right.  It doesn't look great in this picture, but I've used it before in a bathroom and I really love it!

We've ordered a new door to replace the old leaky one with the pet door and it will be installed this weekend.  After that I can finish the painting and install the hooks.  When that's done I'll be able to share with you the complete make over!  Stay tuned!